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Caraga Region Engineering, Architecture and Technology Educators
c/o College of Engineering and Architecture, SJIT, Butuan City
SEC Reg. No: CN200828619
TIN: 261-694-870-000

LAST APRIL 17, 2007 AT THE CHED- Regional Office


Engr. Ramil Sanchez - CHED - Supervisor Specialist for Engineering
and Architecture
Engr. Levita Grana - President
Engr. Fermina J. Gacuma - Secretary
Engr. Alexander Demetillo - Treasurer
Engr. Virne Purtogues
Engr. Robert Bacarro
Engr. Rico Asumen

II. CALL TO ORDER by the CREATE – President , Engr. Levita Grana at 10:00 A.M.


A. Implementation of the New CMOs for Engineering
B. Plan for the 3rd CREATE Congress
C. Election of Officers
D. Other Matters


The meeting started with a prayer led by Engr. F. Gacuma.

A. Implementation of the New CMOs for Engineering
1. Engr. Ramil Sanchez, CHED- Supervisor specialist informed the group that there will be changes in the CMO for Engineering that will fit internationally. Further announcement will be given to the Deans from the CHED-RO regarding this matter.
2. Engr. Sanchez further emphasized to think of marketing strategies to increase the enrollment of engineering program.
3. He suggested that CREATE should have its own WEBSITE. It will be named The group agreed on the plan and that CREATE will pay P 500 annually and Engr Sanchez will be the one to facilitate.

B. Plan for the 3rd CREATE Congress

1. The 3rd CREATE Congress shall have its tentative schedule on the 3rd week of July 2009. Definitely, it will be Friday and Saturday to give everybody the chance to attend this activity.
2. The group agreed on the registration fee which is P 1000.00 for the students only. For the teachers, the registration shall be more than P 1000.00.
3. The group assigned for those who will take charge of the program and invitation, the solicitation, the facilities, the rates of hotels, and tours.
4. Participants from the different school must bring their own banner for identification purposes,
5. The group will invite experts and speakers. To name a few, they will invite the President of Mindanao University of Science and Technology, the secretary of DPWH, and others. There will be speakers who will talk on Intellectual Properties, Technopreneurship and Energy.
6. It was also agreed upon by the body that each school must prepare for poster presentation and exhibit entry. The teachers will also present research during the congress, at most 3 researches from Surigao schools. Quiz bowl will also be included in the activity for students.
7. The students will have a one day activity. It will culminate with a socialization in the evening for bonding purposes, while the teachers will have their second day activity. After lunch, the group will visit some companies in Magallanes such as JAKA and EMCO and see the historical centennial tree.
8. Important arrangements are highlighted as follows:
a. Project entry – minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 per HEI
b. Research Presentation – c/o Surigao HEI
c. Logo Design Contest – c/o Engr. Purtogues
d. Technical Tour – c/o Engr. Gacuma
e. Accommodation – c/o FSUU
f. Venue – c/o NORMISIST
g. Programme/Speaker – c/o SJIT
h. Solicitation – c/o Engr. Grana, Engr. Perez, Engr. Asumen
i. Student Delegates will wear their HEI shirt
j. One production number per HEI during the socials
k. Pre-registration is required. On-site registration is discouraged as this will create delay during the program. Advance booking and registration is necessary.
l. Tentative venue – Inland Resort

C. Election of Officers
CREATE will have its new set of officers in 2009-2010.

President : Virne Portugues
Vice President : Robert Bacarro
Secretary : Rico Asumen
Treasurer : Rogelio Perez
Auditor : Flormina Gacuma


With nothing more to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon.

Minutes taken by:

Engr. Fermina J. Gacuma

Noted by:

Engr. Levita Grana
CREATE - President

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