Sunday, April 26, 2009

One day CREATE Seminar

February 7, 2009


SJIT, Butuan City

The seminar was attended by 25 engineering educators (deans, program heads, faculty) of the different engineering higher educational institutions throughout Caraga region. Seminar on “Quality Engineering Education: The Caraga Region Study” was part of the dissemination and validation process of the study of Engr. Levita B. Grana, the Dean of CEA and the President of the Caraga Region Engineering, Architecture and Technology Educators, Inc ( CREATE). The seminar was conceived in order to give awareness to the engineering educators on the state of quality of the engineering education in the region.

The afternoon session was the Seminar-Workshop on “Capacitating Engineering Educators in Research” where Dr. Miiraluna L. Herrera was the speaker. Research capacitating is one of the main focus of CREATE in order to equip faculty members on the aspect of research. The research seminar is also part of the intervention programs to improve the competence of engineering educators.

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